PERSONALS is a lo-fi, text-based dating & social app for LBTQIA+


is a lo-fi, text-based dating & social app for LBTQIA+, based on old school newspaper personals. currently lives on Instagram @_personals_ with a thriving community of over 56k. We are building app, an independent space for queers to meet.

is open to LBTQIA+ non-binary, gender non-conforming & dykes. We encourage QPOC, people with children, 40+ crowd, rural queers, people with disabilities, people with chronic illnesses, asexuals worldwide to write personals to connect with other queers.

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100% of PayPal ( & Venmo (@FundPersonals) contributions will go directly to building the app, to pay the engineers, designer, interns, and other costs of building . Send funds 'friends & family' to avoid fees.

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This past Summer 2018 completed a successful Kickstarter campaign & raised over $43,000. The app is currently being built for both iOS & Android. We need to raise more funding to fully realize the product & to create app our community needs. We are currently beta testing the app with our Kickstarter backers.

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The Instagram account is not going away! It will complement the app, sharing & highlighting select .

maintains a strict no tolerance policy on transphobic/racist/hateful comments and submissions. A healthy, loving community is our top priority.

is not for straight cis couples or cis men.


“I love the self-representation this forum provides. I never can quite figure out what “kind” of gay I am, and seeing all the different ways that people do gay and look for love and express their interests and desires is so powerful.”—KP

“6 weeks of sexting led to an overlapping weekend in NYC with a babe who lives across the ocean. We connected over our shared love of queer theory, activism, and radical tenderness. The personal ad process is so powerful for identifying what you really want and putting it out into the universe. Manifesting is real! I'm now dating the butch babe of my dreams, and I swear almost every butch babe I corresponded with after my personal posted is now dating the femme babe of their dreams.”—HW

“I placed my ad after a particularly hellish 2017, with little expectation … but the person I’ve met has reaffirmed my faith in everything wonderful & I’ve never hit it off with anyone so quickly! We went on a date while we happened to be in the same country and it turned into two weeks together … I’m flying out to the US for a few weeks, for our second ‘date’. I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!”—SJ

There are so many stories, these are only a few.


Instagram was founded by Kelly Rakowski, also founder of the lesbian culture Instagram @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y.

is inspired by the personal ads of the women-run erotica magazine of ’80s–’90s, On Our Backs. The personals were written by lesbians detailing their desires or romantic requirements.


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